Milcy Super 20W 40 API CF


High Quality Multi-Grade Diesel Engine Oil                

Detail Description

HP MILCY SUPER is a high quality multi-grade diesel engine oil designed to provide excellent engine lubrication in Turbo-charged as well as naturally aspirated diesel engines. The product is formulated with highly refined base stocks with carefully selected additives to provide superior engine cleanliness, superior control on wear and improved soot dispersancy required for Turbo-charged engines. HP MILCY SUPER is available in 20W 40 and 20W 50 viscometrics.                


All kinds of diesel engines (both Turbo-charged & Naturally Aspirated) in Commercial Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Cars & Jeeps, Earth Moving & Construction Equipment, DG Sets requiring high quality heavy duty diesel engine oil.
HP MILCY SUPER is recommended for all major Automotive manufactures viz. TATA, Ashok Leyland etc. for their Diesel Engines.

Features and Benefits

•	Improved soot dispersion to maintain oil viscosity over long service intervals
• Superior engine cleanliness
• Superior control on wear
• Easy starting even at lower ambient temperatures
• Longer oil drain period